About Us

Innocoating Europe BV has developed a unique palette of mark making techniques in liquid metals and coatings, which are presented as a collection of hand made surfaces. They are used primarily within retailstores, storeconcepts and the worlds finest interior projects. Innocoating collaborates with architects, designers and brands to create large scale installations, bespoken artworks and sculptural furniture.

Innovation in Coatings is the passion we follow

Start designing your store, brand, art and ideas for interiors and exteriors:

Our Technology

It is actually very simple:

We coat, in a special coating process, which resembles a normal paint job, any metal to any solid ground:

It only need's to be top-coatable.

The further processing of metal working on the surfaces, such as grinding, polishing, patinate and clear coating, requires many years of our accumulated experience.

We are flexible

In terms of size of the components to be processed, we are very flexible. All objects that pass through the portal of our spray booth, can be coated.

Dimensions of our hall:

Coating on Site

We are happy to coat larger components or fixed installations on site. This is done by our coating-teams, working twith an extractor unit and portable coating systems on site. This allows us to coat v ery large areas seamlessly.